Wednesday, June 15, 2005

And the Adventure Continues!

Leslie & I are very excited about working from home and the life we are creating for ourselves and our future. Here is how this adventure started. We were both working the corporate careers day-in and day-out. We got engaged in December 2003 and knew we wanted more time together. Shortly after getting engaged, I found out my boss of several years had been lying to me for about 6 months about a promotion and a well deserved raise. I got the promotion but no raise. What this really meant is that my work load increased by 33% and my pay would start to drop. My boss basically raised my monthly quota and ensured that I would no longer be receiving my bonuses. I immediately started looking for a new job in my field of telecommunication/data sales and stumbled across a home business while looking for the "right" job. Leslie & I were on vacation in Park City, UT on a snowboarding trip when we first heard about the opportunity. I knew that I no longer wanted to work 60, 80, even 100 hours per week. I took an inventory of my life and the road I was on. I did not want to be the ghost husband or even worse, the phantom father when kids came into the picture. We made the DECISION to move forward with Liberty League International and the rest is history in the making!