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Michael Hamburger

Friday, May 27, 2011


Whichever side of the planet you’re on, the winter months can mean down time for some people but I’m always ramping UP even more when the cold weather hits.  For more than ten years now I’ve been an avid snowboarder.  There’s nothing like that cold, crisp crunch when you’re sailing down those white slopes to make you feel more alive!  It’s amazing how interconnected things are, though, because when I’m up there carving turns and watching that fall line, I seem to get as many lessons on life and business as I do on snowboarding.

Here’s just one of the parallels I see and even if you’re not a winter sports fan, I bet you can relate to an experience in your own life that illustrates the same idea.  Each season when I head back out to the snow I notice that I tend to go slower on my first few runs… sometimes for the first few days of the trip.  I catch myself holding back from FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real).  Can I hold my edge?   Will I keep my balance?  Am I judging that turn just right?  Will I lose control?  After a few runs I eventually get my confidence back, but it reminds me of the times I’ve allowed fear to hold me back in other areas of my life… personal and professional.  I always pay a price for that because when I let it, fear can cost me freedom and an easier, free-flowing experience.

I’ve seen a pattern here that’s important because everyone who knows me knows that I’m an incurable adrenaline junkie!  I’m a boater, a “retired” lifelong motorcyclist and a skydiver.  What these experiences have taught me is that FEAR of the unknown has absolutely NO power to stop me when my mindset is in the right place.  Not acting in the face of fear costs me everything.  Acting in spite of the fear empowers me to gain anything.  See, the costly mistake we often make is waiting to FEEL courageous before we ACT with courage.  Believe it or not, it actually takes more energy to go slow and pull back from the fear than it does to simply release, allow, let go and soar.  That’s something to think about.  What rewards are you missing by holding back?

I won’t beat you over the head with the analogy because I think we all get it… whether you’re sliding down a mountain or just reaching for the telephone to make that big call, it’s a guarantee in life that moments will come when fear pops up.  We can’t control the events in our lives… and often not even the emotions we have about them… but what we CAN control is the next choice we make… the next action we take.

The last snowboarding trip I took was in January 2011 in Park City, Utah.  I was in the Salt Lake City area on a business trip and decided to stay an extra day to enjoy the mountains.  Ironically enough, I ended up on the exact spot where I was standing when I first found this amazing, life-changing industry… The Canyons at Park City.  When I walked away from a lucrative career as a Fortune 50 telecom sales executive to become a direct marketer, it was a lot like looking down that steep slope on the first day of a snowboarding trip.  Did I have fear? Sure I did, but I made the run anyway and have never once regretted it.

Do you have the need for speed, or is fear holding you back?  Push off on that run… whatever it is for you… and claim the rewards that are waiting for you along the way.  You won’t regret it!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Winners don’t get what they deserve – they get what they BELIEVE they deserve.

For a long time, I’ve been an avid and passionate tennis player. I love everything about the sport… the skill… the psychology… the strategy… and most of all, the insight the game has given me into human nature and my own belief systems. When you’re alone out there on your side of the net, it’s just you and the ball and your opponent. There’s nowhere to hide and no one to blame when things don’t go your way. You can tell a LOT about how a person handles life and business by the way they respond when they’re having a bad game (I sure hope John McEnroe’s not reading this issue)!

How can I be so sure about this? Because I’ve learned a LOT about myself over the years on the tennis court. When I relocated with my family to the Houston area a year and a half ago to begin my journey running a top tier network marketing company at a corporate level, everything was new… new state… new career responsibilities… and a new tennis league. To make a long story very short, it was my worst tennis season ever. After losing game after game, it became clear to me that I wasn’t losing from a lack of effort. I was defeating myself by playing too hard. I was gripping the racket like a vise, taking a rigid stance and swinging like a wild man at every ball, all in an attempt to CONTROL outcomes that were BEYOND my control. In fact, I was reaching so far for a pre-conceived outcome that I lost my balance and my game suffered for it.

Guess what? My performance on the tennis court was telling me that my belief system needed a tune up. I needed to let go of the idea that I had to kill every ball, ace every serve or win every set so that I could be free to relax back into my game… to be fully present with my breathing, my form and what was happening around me on the court… in short, to just experience the joy… the essence… of tennis again. My beliefs about myself needed to be grounded in my PURPOSE for being there and how much of myself I was giving to it… not in how many TV shots I made or how many points I scored in any one match. In sports, like in business, life is going to bring you bad balls, bad shots and tough opponents who have something to teach you. Since there’s no escaping that, your belief system had better be built on something that won’t shift underneath you when life takes an unexpected bounce.

There are five things that successful people do every day without exception to plant their belief systems on solid ground. ONE: they begin each day by visualizing their ideal vision for wealth, health and wisdom in vivid detail. TWO: They follow a consistent practice for self development and work harder on themselves than they work on their business. THREE: They make an unbreakable commitment to themselves to complete their income producing activities no matter what. FOUR: They reach out to a mastermind group of other leaders who know more than they do. FIVE: They cultivate an expectation of leadership by having a servant’s heart, a teachable spirit and a bias for ACTION. Winners know that learning from their mistakes will carry them farther and faster than playing it safe.

One other attribute that ALL top-producers have in common is that they DESERVE to be successful. Do you really believe deep down that you truly deserve wealth, health and wisdom? Are you taking actions today that reflect that belief or does your belief system need a tune up? Maybe it’s time to loosen your grip on the racket, breathe, look around and remember that you’re on the court to have FUN!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Hamburger is the COO and President of Avant Education ( Mr. Hamburger, a former US Marine and Fortune 100 Sales Executive, began his network marketing career in 1998. In a moment of clarity in early 2003, he made the choice to transform his life through network marketing. Michael has mentored thousands of people from six continents and is a staunch proponent of network marketing. He can often be heard laughing out loud, saying, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Michael can be reached through Facebok or through his blog at

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Join a new generation of network marketers who are charting their own course in life.

I’ve been an avid (and active!) student of success ever since I first discovered the network marketing industry more than a decade ago. They may prescribe different tools and techniques for doing it and they all have their own way of saying it, but every success mentor I’ve ever studied makes pretty much the same point – you can’t GET what you want until you KNOW what you want!

Sure, we all have dreams, and most of us have at least a vague idea that we want happiness, fulfillment and security in some form, but what I’m talking about here is having TOTAL CLARITY about what you want your life experience to be in every area – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. You’d be shocked to discover how few people really invest the effort to map out their lives in this kind of detail, but I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that the wealthiest 1% of the population follows this one success habit without exception. They set a vision for what they want in vivid detail.
If you feel stuck the first time you try this kind of visioning exercise, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Most of us have been taught from a very early age to “go along to get along” and keep our dreams small, if we have them at all. By the time kids reach the sixth grade, most of their creativity has been conditioned out of them with the expectation that there’s only one right answer. Independent thinking is rarely encouraged, especially when it comes to wealth and success. The truth is that there are no rules about how successful you can be. The only real limits on the abundance you create are the ones you set for yourself. If you’re ready to give it try, here are some hints to get you started.

Think about what inspires you. Are there activities in your life that make you lose track of time? Are there certain things you do or experience during the day that seem to automatically raise your energy level, almost before you realize it? These are clues that point to your true desires in life. Think back to conversations you’ve had with close friends or family members. If you can recall a time when your speech became more animated – when the words just seemed to flow – that’s inspiration at work.

Make a few notes about these memories and you’ll be off to a great start toward defining what you really want. What are you passionate about? Almost everyone has had the experience of seeing situation at work, at home or in the world at large and just “knowing” they could make it better. If you’ve ever felt driven to improve something in your life or in your environment, that’s another clue you can use to uncover your deepest desires.

What are the “wants” that truly motivate you? Is it having more discretionary income, more free time or a special accomplishment that has your name attached to it? Imagine all of these things as if they’ve already become real in your life and write them out in vivid detail. Finally, knowing WHY you want them will help you to stay on task. Whether it’s to realize a personal dream, make a change in the world or provide a better life for someone you love, knowing “why” your dream is important to you will keep you on course when the inevitable temptation comes to put it off for another day. Network marketing is the best vehicle I know for making dreams come true, so make sure you dream big!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Hamburger is COO and President of Avant Education (  Mr. Hamburger, a former US Marine and Fortune 100 Sales Executive, began his network marketing career in 1998. In a moment of clarity in early 2003, he made the choice to transform his life through network marketing. Michael has mentored thousands of people from six continents and is a staunch proponent of network marketing. He can often be heard laughing out loud, saying, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Michael can be reached through Facebook or his blog at

Monday, May 16, 2011

Success is in Your Hands

One of the most rewarding things about being in this profession is hearing the amazing success stories of ordinary people who have found a way to do something extraordinary in their lives. Meeting just one or two people who succeeded in creating massive abundance in their lives would be inspiring and heartwarming enough, but I’m talking about success stories numbering in the hundreds and thousands since I made a commitment to this industry back in 2003. When I say “massive abundance” I’m talking about success on your terms – as you define it – whether that means better relationships, more freedom, personal fulfillment or generational wealth you can pass on to your children’s children.
While most of us are familiar with the Hollywood version of  “old money” or inherited wealth, statistics show that more than eighty percent of today’s millionaires are not only self-made, but also come from very diverse middle and lower middle class backgrounds. The good news here is that the secrets of wealth creation are no longer reserved only for those who are already wealthy. The bad news is that it puts the responsibility to choose abundance squarely back on the individual. This was the realization that transformed my life in the blink of an eye when I was first introduced to this industry – that I had to create results for myself instead of waiting for anything to be handed to me.  I discovered that hope is not a strategy!

In my eight rewarding years enjoying my own success and celebrating the success of countless others in the home-based business world, a few key principles keep rising to the top. One is that GRATITUDE is the universal multiplier. When you greet each day with a grateful heart as a habit of life, you are exponentially more likely to attract the people, resources and opportunities you need to create abundance. But although you aren’t likely to build lasting wealth without it, gratitude alone is not enough to get you there – you need something more.

The one factor that seems to set those who truly get ahead apart from those who just get by is a “stick-to-it-ive” mentality – a relentless pursuit of their objective no matter what. In his powerful book The Traveler’s Gift, author and speaker Andy Andrews calls this the ability to stick to your principles without exception. Media personality and breakout Libertarian candidate Wayne Allyn Root (another self-made millionaire from humble beginnings) attributes his amazing success to being relentless in the face of resistance from folks who told him he’d never be on TV, never get published, never get nominated. He’s exceeded all these goals and more.

When it comes to opportunity, I don’t know of any other industry that allows literally anyone to become a self-made millionaire or multi-millionaire if they have the desire, drive and determination to succeed. You don’t need any special education, qualifications, certifications or huge amounts of up front capital to make it in the home-based business world. All you need to do is go after it relentlessly and with a grateful heart. If you’re willing to do what others won’t for the next three to five years, you can enjoy rewards that others don’t for the rest of your life. This is why I’m so passionate about this industry – because it’s made a difference in my life and my family for generations to come.
In the early days of networking, most people had to operate on a “kill and eat” basis, meaning that they only profited from their personal production without an opportunity to create true “walk away” income. Today a few innovative, integrity-based companies understand the importance of mentoring and teamwork. They reward entrepreneurs for investing in the success of others and this is another key to creating massive abundance – the success and wealth you create in others will return to you many times over.

How can you be this kind of leader? If you’re new to the industry, watch what the winners do and model their success habits day in and day out. People will follow you when they sense that you have certainty about your direction in life and before long you’ll find that they’re patterning their success habits after yours! The best way I know to get this kind of certainty is to fixate at a granular level on what it is that you really, really want. Write it out in vivid detail in the present tense. Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles calls this “acting as if” your goals are already an accomplished fact. Start each day with gratitude for the opportunities around you, imagine your dreams and goals with specificity and pursue them relentlessly. Do this with resolve and your obstacles will dissolve.  Until then...


Michael Hamburger

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Everything I Required to Be Successful in Business & Life, I Learned in the US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation 1992

Over the years throughout my network marketing career people have asked me for the secret to success or how they can propel their lives, businesses or finances forward.  I have found that many people are looking outside of themselves for some magic pixie dust.  Experience over the years continues to re-enforce that this magical pixie dust is nonexistent yet it resides within each of us.  Many of you know that I served honorably in the United States Marine Corps from 1992 until 1998.
I was drawn to the Marine Corps like a moth is drawn to a flame.  It was a calling I wanted to answer and it was one of the best life choices I have made.  In June 1991, just 10 days after graduating from high school, I walked into the recruiting office nearest to my home and enlisted through the delayed entry program, meaning I was to report to Boot Camp within the year.  I selected my military career path or my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and off to college I went for 2 quarters.  Little did I know then, that what laid ahead of me would be more valuable than what my day-to-day job would be.  Looking back, what I learned over the 6 years of service have assisted me in all areas of my life, including creating my life by design.

Not to sound too nostalgic, but I have to admit that those were some of the best days of my life.  I am not referring to the pay, the meals, the long hours or placing my life into harm’s way but rather the life lessons I was fortunate enough to learn, experience and master at a young age.  I remember seeing a poster a few years ago that read “Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned in Kindergarten”.   That may be true for some people, however as for me, I believe “Everything I Required to Being Successful in Business & Life, I Learned in the United States Marine Corps.”  Furthermore, I believe that everything I required to be successful in life and business can be boiled down to the 14 Leadership Traits instilled into me in April 1992 during my Boot Camp recruit training at MCRD Parris Island and I am still benefiting today from the lessons I learned while in the Corps.  The 14 Leadership Traits provide a crystal clear road map of everything any budding or experienced leader requires to move forward in life and business in a powerful manner.  The 14 Traits are timeless and everyone serious about business can use them as a barometer to gauge where they are and more importantly, where they desire to go.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Success Quotes delivered into your inbox

For over 2 years I have been sharing a daily success quote with my mailing list. Are you already receiving my Daily Success Quotes? If not, make it a point to visit today!

When you control what you are putting into your mind and add to that action + expectation, you can dictate and determine what you put out.

Knowledge is power and to be able to share that with others is extremely rewarding.


Michael Hamburger

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Success Leaves Clues Sherlock

How many times have you said to yourself, "there has to be a better way to earn a living"? With the state of today's economy, how secure is your job and future? Are you curious about what the majority of the world's top business professionals are doing to turn "lemons into lemonade" and start profitable enterprises?

There's an old saying, "success leaves clues". While many people have real concerns about how these uncertain times will affect their ability to maintain their lifestyles and provide for their families, there is a select group of individuals who will watch their fortunes grow in spite of the current recession.

These business professionals and entrepreneurs simply position themselves in front of fast growth market trends and create businesses that are instantly profitable. The internet has given us the technology to build a global business virtually "overnight". The days of risky, slow building, capital intensive, and employee dependent brick and mortar business is over for the modern entrepreneur.

This new breed of business owner enjoys many advantages:

. Flexible business schedule, work when you choose.
. Live and work anywhere you desire.
. No boss, no dress code, no commute.
. Executive income on a part time basis
. Time freedom for family, travel, recreation.
. Minimal start up capital requirements.
. Pride of ownership and being in control of your life.

You too can join the ranks of this elite group of men and women who have discovered how to life on their terms. It is easier than you think. Every once in a while you come across an opportunity that will alter the course of your destiny. Dare to live your dreams, you already have what it takes to win, you just need a system to follow. Go to the link below and discover how simple our system is, and then call me immediately to discuss your options. The consultation is without cost, and you have everything to gain.


Michael Hamburger

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Using Blogs to Drive Red Hot Traffic into Your Sites

One of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your sites is to use either a site blog or a small network of blogs. Blogs are superior to regular website pages when generating traffic for a number of reasons.

One reason blogs are superior to normal site pages is that they are extremely easy to update. All you have to do is login your account, copy and paste your new post into the blog interface, and hit update. This allows you to post an update in a matter of minutes and move on. Search engines love this because your content stays fresh and dynamic.

Another reason why blogs are an excellent means through which to drive traffic to your site is because they can easily be pinged to directories. This means that once you make a single post, you can be instantaneously added to all directories and social bookmarking sites.

This is an excellent way to get your site spidered by search engines quickly. If you're listed in a number of high PR directories, your blog will get spidered – and your site, product pages, and whatever else you have linked to will get spidered with it.

Additionally, every single time you post an update, you will be bumped to the top of your section for the tags you selected. If you select tags carefully, you might be able to get a quick surge of traffic – and then channel that into your product pages or main site from your blog.

Another good way to drive traffic to your site using your blogs is to find other blogs in your network (if you use Blogger) and post comments that include a signature file. In that signature, include a link to your blog or your main site.

Now, the last way in which you can generate red hot traffic with this method is to create multiple niche blogs, which are each optimized for a single keyword. Promote them each for that keyword only – and then find ways to funnel all of that additional traffic into your site or product page.

I highly recommend branding your blog to reflect who you are to the world. When you visit my blog, you will notice that I have added a simple banner at the top that continues to brand me to my readers. By using blogs, you also have the ability to add links to any sites you choose. This is especially useful for adding links to your main opportunity, as well as any affiliate links you may offer. My favorite affiliate link today is Sam Crowley's FREE course "Everyday is Saturday". If you would like to offer Sam's free course as an affiliate, contact me directly for details. Besides leveraging affiliate marketing opportunities, blogs are ideal for adding alternative revenue streams such as Google AdSense.

Blogs are extremely useful for doing product reviews and writing content to be picked up by the search engines. As long as you add relevant content, you are certain to create a following. My best advise is to give real value & content on your blog for your readers. They will come back to you as you create the relationship. More to come...


Michael Hamburger

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are You Cut Out to Be A Self-Employed Success?

Income Experts Self Employed Success

Self-Employment Is on the Rise

The results of a recent Gallup poll are in: 57% of Americans would rather be self-employed than work for someone else. While every job has its frustrations, being self-employed has some definite advantages. With outsourcing, downsizing, unexpected mergers, and other unpleasant workplace surprises becoming more and more common, self-employment provides some sense of being in control over one's future. If you can't depend on an employer to treat you as more than a worker bee anyway, or if you feel as dispensable as used chewing gum, you may want to consider becoming your own boss.

Here are just some of the reasons self-employment could be good for you:

* You'll have the flexibility to work your own hours.
* You can choose where you work.
* There is a good possibility you will make more money.
* You'll have the satisfaction of seeing your own ideas succeed (instead of having
someone else take credit for them).
* You can choose who you work with-or don't.
* You can leave the constraints of corporate politics behind.

What does it take to be a self-employed success?

Is it the right fit for you?

Can you deal with some risk?

Perhaps the biggest thing that keeps people from starting a business of their own is the vision of the disappearing paycheck. A good way to deal with this fear is "Don't quit your day job." It may be a bit tough for a while to work at your old job while you get your own business off the ground, but it's a technique many have used to succeed. Another possibility is to save up enough money for six months' living expenses before you start your new venture. That way, you can devote your full attention to turning it into a money-making proposition.

Are you resourceful?

Networking and building relationships is one of the main pathways to success for the self-employed. Make a list of all the people you know right now who would be helpful to you if you became self-employed. Everyone you know is a potential source of revenue for your business. Introduce yourself to other small business owners. Join community organizations. Make contacts at Job Fairs. Scour the Internet. Check the yellow pages and the newspaper, and make a list of people and organizations that may be of help to you.

Can you listen and observe?

As a self-employed person, you won't be simply trotting off to work at the same predictable job every day. It's important that you listen to what's happening in your neighborhood, your community, and in the business market in general. What are the trends? What do people seem to want or need? Being able to respond to wants and needs makes you valuable and will bring you revenue. Doing a good job will increase word-of-mouth advertising. It's especially effective in small enterprises where you may not have a lot of money for promotion.

You must also listen to your clients. Encourage them to ask you questions about anything they don't understand. Another kind of listening that is helpful is the ability to read between the lines of what clients are saying.

Are you energetic and positive?

Some people swear that in a corporate job, attitude is everything-that you can get away with almost anything if you convince them you're a team player and that you really care about the company. As a self-employed person, you should be able to project an energetic, positive attitude about your own company. If you can sound successful and upbeat from the get-go, you're halfway there.

Do you have self-discipline?

People who work at home love to joke about the "long commute" from the bedroom to the computer room. Every day of the week is Casual Friday. While a much more relaxed atmosphere and dress code are certainly major advantages of being self-employed, you will still need to designate a period of time for work, and you will need to stick to it. The great thing is that you'll be the one to decide how long and when you will work.

Income Experts Self Employed Success

Are you willing to learn?

You don't have to have an MBA to be a self-employed success. There are plenty of successfulpeople who didn't even finish high school. But you must be willing to learn the things you need to know to run your business. This could mean learning a new computer program, developing a basic bookkeeping system, or learning to write sales letters. There is plenty of help available on the Internet, and you can probably take some relatively inexpensive adult education classes at the local high school or community college if you need to. If your business really takes off, you can hire other people to do some of the tasks you feel are wasting your time. Once again, the Internet is a great source for accounting, legal, and writing services.

How to Get Started

If you decide to launch your own business, the first step you should take is some self-examination and some research. What are your strengths, and how much time do you want to devote to your business? What is there a demand for? What business would you enjoy?

We're here to help!

Visit Fill out the form on the page, and I will provide you with additional information about the opportunity that is truly shaping my life and allowing me the freedom to live out my dreams without all of the headaches and costs of traditional business.

Make it a great day... YOU DESERVE IT.


Michael Hamburger

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Starting Your Own Business: What Does It Take?

How many times have you, or someone you know, said something like "I've always wanted to have a business of my own. Something I'd really enjoy doing. Be my own boss."

Lots of people have the dream, but they get bogged down in the details of how to go about it. While this article isn't meant to serve as a complete business start-up guide, it will give you an idea of some of the steps involved in starting your own business.

1. Hire Professionals

The most important professionals you'll need at the beginning are a lawyer and an accountant. The lawyer can help you decide if you want to be a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or some other type of company. A good accountant can help you make this decision based on which will be most advantageous to you from a tax angle. A lawyer can also help you register your business and get any licenses and permits you will need, and can advise you about patenting your idea or protecting your intellectual property by requiring everyone you discuss your business with to sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

2. Make a Business Plan

You may need to hire a writer or other business professional to help you write a business plan. You'll need one to help yourself get organized as to what your business's main purpose or goal will be. This could be anything from serving hot dogs to people outside the home improvement store to providing technology support to major players in the business world. Either way, you need a plan that sketches out how you will proceed toward your goal and an estimate of how much money you'll need to get there. What will your equipment costs be? Will you be hiring employees? How about renting office space? All of these cost estimates should be included in your Business Plan.

3. Get Financing

How much start-up money will you need? Do you have savings you can use? Friends or business associates who might want to invest in your venture? Or do you need a bank loan? Whatever the situation, you'll need to present a copy of your business plan to bankers or investors if you need to borrow money to get your company rolling.

4. Set Up Your Record-keeping System

A good accountant can advise you on the best record-keeping software for your business, and help you set up a system for keeping track of payables, receivables, sales tax, payroll, employee benefits plans, and so forth. You will be relying on the accountant for at least your yearly tax return for your business, and possibly for quarterly payroll and sales tax returns. Your accountant can also get you an EIN number (Employer Identification Number).

5. Find a Location

Depending on your business, location may be very important. If you need to be visible to the public (say your business is a bookstore or restaurant), then you'll have to think long and hard about where you should set up shop. Location can make you or break you-and the rent is due no matter which way your fortune turns. You will also need to get a phone, get the utilities turned on, install your furniture and equipment, and get a sign or two that shouts "Hey look! We're here!"

6. Set Up Accounts with Credit Card Companies

Every brick-and-mortar business these days takes plastic or they don't stay in business. You'll pay a small percentage for every credit or debit card transaction a customer makes. You will need to invest in a method for checking the validity of debit and credit cards-like those "Slide Card Here" machines at cash registers everywhere.

7. Hire Employees

You may not need to do this step if you're a one-person operation. Maybe you can get by with just one part-time person to answer phones and do some of the paperwork. Of course, it depends on your business. You can probably run a small bookstore by yourself, but even a tiny restaurant means you'll need a cook, several servers, someone at the cashier, and so forth. You'll need to have them complete various forms for the IRS, and you may want to run background checks or at least check some references before you hire anyone.

8. Promote Your Business

Decide how you will let people know you exist, what you can do for them, and why they should come to you instead of someone else. Common forms of advertising are TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads, flyers, and coupons that appear in booklets distributed by local companies.

The list above might make you think twice about starting a business of your own. Perhaps you aren't looking to make such a financial commitment regarding the hiring of professionals, finding a location. And it's also a big, big risk.

But let's look back at the way this article began: "I've always wanted to have a business of my own. Something I'd really enjoy doing. Be my own boss."
YOU CAN! Without all of the headaches of traditional business.
Income Experts Your Own Business

There is a very simple way of attaining this goal that has worked well for millions of people. You can have your very own business in your home, and you can cross off all or most of the steps listed above. The best part of exploring home-based business opportunities is that there is little risk and the upside is tremendous.

Many of the inconveniences and pressures of the traditional business are wiped away with the home business. The biggest roadblock to starting or buying a business is that they require a considerable up-front cash investment. In addition to the large investment, the time commitment you must make when starting a business can ultimately turn out to be far greater than what you have experienced in any job, and the return is not necessarily worth the extra time or the financial risk.

There is another option.

Visit Fill out the form on the page, and I will provide you with additional information about the opportunity that is truly shaping my life and allowing me the freedom to live out my dreams without all of the headaches and costs of traditional business.

Make it a great day... YOU DESERVE IT.


Michael Hamburger

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Develop Goals, Visualize, and Get It

I found this article & find incredible value in it.
It is my pleasure to share this with you all.

Develop Goals, Visualize, and Get It
by Manish Wilson

Visualize what you want.
See it, feel it, believe in it.
Your mind is your mental workshop.
You can build anything you want in it.
The beginning of your success is in your imagination.
Make your mental blueprint
and then begin construction.
See things as you would have them be
instead of as they are.
Use your imagination to perceive your new reality
even when it's not fully materialized.
Remember, you must first clearly see a thing in your mind
before you can do it or have it.
Your imagination will show you
how to turn possibility into reality.
First think, then organize your thoughts into plans.
Then transform your thoughts into reality
by taking some positive action.
See the things you want as already yours.
Think of them as yours,
as belonging to you,
as already in your possession.
Picture yourself as having already achieved your goal.
Dreams and ideas can cross continents and oceans.
They go anywhere you can go.
What you see is what you get.

I am 100% confidant that you can have ANYTHING you truly desire in your life.
I am happy to mentor serious people how to create a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS!


Michael Hamburger
USA 1-480-515-9890
Australia (02) 8005-1844
UK 020 3239 0880

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joining Affiliate Programs to Multiply Your Income Streams

Stop. Before you read any further, allow me one quick minute to share this with you. My main business is NOT affiliate program marketing. I simply utilize affiliate marketing to monetize my list & create a viable, yet simple additional income stream. This method allows both myself & my team members an additional method to fund our main business.

Alright, here it is. You have a website where you operate a successful business. You have a ton of traffic every week and you think there's nothing more that you can do to increase your revenues without adding more work or needing more equipment or something else that either costs time or money. Well, that's where you're wrong. There is one great thing you can do to increase revenues: multiply your income streams by joining affiliate programs. This is the best way for you to increase the income generated by your online business without really adding any work.

The first thing for you to consider is the market you're in. When you go to an affiliate program to join, you will be advertising other's businesses on your site. So, in order for you to make the most money off each advertisement, you need to pick the companies most suitable for the traffic on your site. The visitors to your site must be interested in what you are advertising or they will not click the link. Remember that the affiliate programs work on a pay-for-performance basis, so the more traffic you can direct through those links, the more money you make.

Think about how you could reorganize the space on the various pages of your website. This is going to be very important if you wish to place banner ads on your site. Also, I would highly recommend that you avoid pop-up ads or other intrusive methods. These are often more of an annoyance to visitors and may even drive them away. I personally avoid many sites precisely for this reason. But, at any rate, think about how you could make better use of the space on your site to place highly visible ads for your customers to see.

Know the affiliate program's policies. You will want to know what type of pay plan the program uses, and what their minimum payout is. Also, check out their reputation. Many of them are great, but not all. Such considerations as their performance in distributing commissions to affiliates should be of great concern to you. The last thing you want is for someone to mishandle your money.

Always be ready to make changes to your site to enhance not only your existing revenue streams, but also the revenue generated from your status as an affiliate. To do this you need to keep your site content-rich and full of reasons for your patrons to keep coming back for more. No matter what your site is about, or how else you make your money, joining an affiliate program is a great, virtually work-free way to multiply your revenue streams. After all, who in their right mind would turn down an easy way to get more money?

I train my team members how to utilize and leverage affiliate marketing into our current business model. I have found that by following the simple system we have in place, we have members of our team generating $10,000 - $15,000 per month additional through affiliate marketing. Members of our team get direct access to our full-suite marketing system, including how to generate leads, build a list, monetize that list & add several additional income streams.

To request a brief & confidential interview, visit & request some information today.


Michael Hamburger
USA 1-480-515-9890
Australia (02) 8005 1844
UK 020 3239 0880

P.S. - Be sure to check out the pre-launch version of the Affiliate Marketing Club @, as it will officially launch on July 1, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009 - version 2.0

It has been a long time coming... is changing in the next 7 days or less. We have been researching & evaluating how to best get our message out to the marketplace.

We'd like some honest, authentic feedback from our readers and see what each of you have to share about our new site. It is in beta right now & will be released officially in the next 7 days.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mind Management | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read

Mind Management | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read
Expand your comfort zone to increase your wealth.

by T. Harv Eker

Click here to read the original article

Mind Management
Expand your comfort zone to increase your wealth.

T. Harv Eker June 1, 2009

If you challenge your mind to expand your comfort zone, you will naturally expand your wealth zone. By striving to grow your comfort zone, you are constantly taking risks and finding more opportunities, ideas, actions and growth than you ever imagined. The bigger your “container,” the more income and wealth you will attract and hold. Challenge yourself to constantly make your container larger, and watch the universe rush to fill the space.

What is the single most important skill you can master to increase your happiness and success? Training your mind.

How do you train your mind? Start by observing your thought process. If you are like most people, your mind continuously produces both empowering thoughts, such as those that lead to success, and disempowering thoughts, including those that don’t support your wealth and happiness. As you identify your thoughts, you need to begin consciously replacing your disempowering thoughts with empowering ones. In doing so, you will begin adopting empowering attitudes as your own. Start by making declarations to yourself, such as “I act in spite of fear,” “I act in spite of doubt” and “I act in spite of inconvenience.”

Believe it or not, you can choose your thoughts and control your mind. You have the natural ability to cancel any thought that does not support you. You can also install self-empowering thoughts at any time by choosing to focus on them.

At one of my seminars, Robert Allen, a close friend and bestselling author, said something quite profound: “No thought lives in your head rent-free.”

What he meant is, you pay for your negative thoughts in money, energy, time, health and happiness. If you want to move to a new level in your life quickly, begin by dividing your thoughts into two categories: empowering and disempowering. Observe them, and determine if they are supporting your happiness and success. Choose to entertain only the empowering thoughts, and refuse to focus on the disempowering ones. When a nonsupportive notion comes to the surface, replace it with a more supportive way of thinking. I call this process “power thinking.” And mark my words, if you practice it, your life will never be the same.

So, what is the difference between power thinking and positive thinking? The distinction is slight, but profound.

People use positive thinking to pretend that everything is rosy when they really believe it is not. With power thinking, though, we understand that something is neutral until we assign it meaning by creating a story.

"You have the natural ability to cancel any thought that is not supporting you."

This is the difference between a positive thinker and a power thinker. A positive thinker believes their thoughts are true. Whereas a power thinker recognizes that their thoughts are not true, but since they are making up a story anyway, they might as well make up a story that supports themselves. Why do we do this? Not because our new thoughts are true in an absolute sense, but because they are more useful to us and feel a heck of a lot better than nonsupportive ones.

Observe yourself and your thought patterns, and entertain only the thoughts that support your happiness and success. Challenge that little voice in your head whenever it tells you, “I can’t” or “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it.” Don’t allow this fear-based, comfort-based voice to get the better of you. Make a pact with yourself that whenever the little voice in your head tries to stop you from doing something to support your success, you will do it anyway to tell it that you are the boss. Not only will you increase your confidence dramatically, but eventually, the voice will get quieter and quieter as it recognizes it has little effect on you.

Particularly during economic downturns like this, it is crucial that we change our pessimistic thoughts into empowering ones and stretch our comfort zones to attain and hold more wealth. We must constantly choose to remain positive and not let disempowering thoughts take hold, regardless of what the media says about the global economy.

Practice getting out of your comfort zone by consciously making decisions that will make you uncomfortable. Talk to someone you would normally avoid, ask for a raise at work or try something that scares you.

Living a mediocre life does not lead to happiness. Constantly wondering what could have been does not lead to happiness. What does lead to happiness is living in our natural state of growth and reaching our full potential.

The next time you are feeling uncomfortable, uncertain or afraid, press forward instead of retreating. Experience the feeling of discomfort and accept it for what it is—a feeling. Recognize that a feeling does not have the power to stop you. Push on, and eventually you will reach your goal.

The point, however, is not whether or not those feelings of discomfort eventually subside. If they do lessen, take it as a sign that you need to increase your objective because the minute you get comfortable, you have stopped growing. Managing your mind to live at the edge of your comfort zone will allow you to grow and reach your fullest potential.

Because humans are creatures of habit, we have to practice. Practice acting in spite of fear, in spite of discomfort, in spite of inconvenience. By doing so, you will quickly move to a higher level, and your wealth will almost certainly increase.

The mind is a powerful tool, but it is also the greatest soap-opera scriptwriter in history. It creates powerful stories based on dramas or disasters that have never happened and likely never will. As Mark Twain said, “I’ve had thousands of problems in my life, most of which never actually happened.”

It is important to remember that you are not your mind—you are much bigger and more powerful than your mind alone. By learning to train it, though, you can conquer your fear, expand your comfort zone and dramatically increase your wealth.

T. Harv Eker is an author, success trainer, and founder and president of Peak Potentials Training. His books include the No. 1 New York Times Best-Seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and the international best-seller SpeedWealth. He also offers the Millionaire Mind Intensive, a three-day seminar that helps people take control of their minds and nurture self-empowering thoughts. - a global business

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 1 of digital marketing was a complete SUCCESS!

From the mobile "office" of:
Michael Hamburger
22 April 2009 - 10:50 AM PST
Intercontinental Hotel
San Francisco, CA

I am very excited to share with each of you how successful
yesterday's information packed digital marketing conference

The information & contacts I gained yesterday are priceless.
I will be sharing this with my team during the next 2 months+
worth of webinar's I host each Wednesday. The timing for
what I am looking to do has never been better.

I have been in communication with the owner of the company
I have been marketing for the past 6 years. As I share some
of the information, he has literally lite up! The value that this
information will bring & the profits earned by my team is
literally going to skyrocket. That alone is no small feat!

Our team has been one of the most profitable team's in the
history of our company. Leslie & I have created the 3rd largest
team in our company. We have literally mentored some of
the industry's highest income earners. We literally have 1/2
of our companies top leadership that have come from our
team mentorship program!

It is my intention to create a minimum of 2 six-figure income
earners EACH WEEK! What intentions do you have for
yourself for the next 6-12 months?

Your timing has never been better. Do you know that literally
every second of every day someone is starting a ho'me

The opportunity that we represent has the industry's most
powerful & most profitable compensation plan on the planet.

Our business is being operated in over 140 countries
worldwide & we opened up the Spanish speaking market back
in January 2009. Business is literally exploding. Today's
economy has increased our company's bottom line with an
astronomical 50%+ increase in profits for the field

The caliber of people that we work with are off the charts!

We have had the unique opportunity to work with:

  • Bob Proctor, "The Secret"
  • Lee Brower, "The Secret"
  • Andy Andrews, Best selling author
  • Doug Wead, US Presidential Advisor
  • Bill Phillips, "Body For Life"
  • Les Brown, World famous speaker
  • Shawn Achor, Harvard professor
  • Michael Losier, "Law of Attraction"
  • Steven Levitt, "Freakonomics"
  • Larry Wingett, author & tv personality
  • Phil Kohgenin, "Amazing Race" tv show host & author
The list goes on & on... Who are you learning from? If you want
to see some unique insight... add up the income of your 10 closest
friends & advisors & then take an average. According to an Ivy League
study, your income will be +/- $10,000.

We have created marketing systems, lead generation systems, auto-
responders and more! Our business is plug & play and we will mentor
you every step of the way.

If you really are serious about making a huge impact to your income, it
is a proven fact that you have to surround yourself with people that are
earning the level of income you desire for yourself!

Leslie & I plugged into our business & within 6 months we had created a
six figure income. Over the years, we have assisted our team members
create the level of income they desire for themselves.

If you want to learn from someone that is 100% committed to the growth
of your income, the timing has never been more perfect.

Contact Leslie directly right now & schedule a brief 3-5 minute interview.
Leslie can be reached at: 1-480-515-9891

I am just minutes away from jumping on San Francisco's
world famous trolley car & riding down the hill to the
conference center. I'll report back more later in the week.

Make sure you give Leslie a call today & get the information you deserve!


Michael Hamburger

Monday, April 20, 2009

Furthering "OUR" education regarding "Online Marketing"

Greetings all... I imagine you are back at work from an amazing
weekend. I want each of you to fully understand my personal
commitment to my team's success.

Have you ever wondered how the smallest, most minute things can
have some of the biggest impact to your life? What you do with
this email may be one of those insignificant emails you delete OR
it can be the beginning of a whole new way of being. It's pretty
amazing when we stop & think about it.

What if? What if you had invested in a relatively unknown computer
company back in the 70's? What if you had invested in a far out
idea based company 10 years ago called Google? Where would you be

What if? What if you had a way to get in on the front end of a
global movement years before it became a household name?

What if? What if you had figured out a way too create income on
demand a year ago? Would the current state of the global economy
be impacting your life right now?

What if you were earning enough money each month that you could
replace your current job or business & walk away forever? What if?

What if you've been reading our emails for a long time & never took
any action other than deleting the emails OR what if you finally
called us & got serious about moving yourself forward in a HUGE way!

Leslie & I have created the 3rd largest team in the history of our
company over the past 6 years. This is HUGE. I'm not sharing this
to brag but to educate you to my team's commitment to success.

We have grown our team through a variety of methods: Internet
marketing, PPC (pay per click) marketing, simple newspaper &
magazine ads and more. During our tenure as top producers in our
company & the industry as a whole, our commitment has always been
to educate & teach our team members the best methods for growing
their respective teams (i.e. - their income). I share all of my
best practices with my team members... EVERYTHING!

We are the proud "momma" & "poppa" by having 1/2 of our company's
top producers & executive members come directly from our team -
Leaders are developed not born!

Over the years, I have co-created lead generation systems, lead
generation platforms & a complete marketing system that is now
being utilized by roughly 50% of all of the marketers in our
company! So you may be thinking, "So where are you going with this
Michael?" To the bank if you're smart & take some initiative!

This week, I am in San Francisco, CA for a week long digital
marketing conference (Michael). I feel that staying on the cutting
edge of today's fast evolving Internet marketing is key for my
team's profitability! I will be sharing this information with my
team members upon my return.

Did you know that we personally host a weekly mastermind with our
team? Some of the topics we discuss each week are Internet
marketing, creating multiple streams of income, basic & advanced
marketing, personal development, creating the mindset of success
and other topics.

Are you aware that Michael is an international trainer & speaker
with one of the
planet's most success & profitable business opportunities?

Some of our mastermind partners are international best-selling
authors, Presidential adviser's, billion dollar business pioneers,
master's of the Law of Attraction & more!

Now that we've shared some of our pertinent credentials, it's time
for us to have a quick conversation...

Contact either Leslie or Michael today!

Leslie - 1-480-515-9891
Michael - 1-480-515-9890

What if it is your story we are spotlighting 30 days from today?
What if it is 90 days? What if it is 1 year from this moment
exactly? What if you are out of your current job or business & you
are living your life fully FUNded without ever having to rely on
anyone else ever again? Would taking the next step & calling us be
worth it? The choice is simple & 100% up to you. Life is a choice
- choose well!

Make it a great day & we look forward to speaking when you get this


Michael & Leslie Hamburger

Leslie - 1-480-515-9891
Michael - 1-480-515-9890

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am the only one in the house up before sunrise, eating breakfast & about to go play tennis for a few hours!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

is just back from the Scottsdale Arabian Show. What a gorgeous day filled with good friends & a ton of fun!

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Best Superbowl Commercial

Did you watch the Superbowl yesterday? Did you see how the commercials were directed to people's fear of the economy? They, being the marketing companies, played right into people's fear of the unknown.

I happen to be a person of unwavering belief that people are capable of so much more. I feel that I person's belief dictates the outcome.

I want to share with you my favorite commercial from Superbowl XLIII between the victorious Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. It was one of the most exciting Superbowl that I have ever watched. Both teams played great football.

The advertisers were on their mark again this year. Watch the video below.

Great video. How many of you can relate to that video? I know I did. I was the corporate drone that felt that pit in my stomach flair up when I got in my car to drive to my job in Monday morning traffic. Any of you reading this relating to today's Monday morning commute?

Ironically enough, I spoke with my old sales director from my last job in the telecom industry. My old boss & I caught up for 25 minutes. He was asking me about the past 6 years. Get this... I have been UNEMPLOYED for just under 6 years! March makes 6 years. I have earned more in my business each year than any year as an employee & I was earning over $140,000 per year at my job! The same job I quit after 28 days in this business.

6 Years. That is POWERFUL. Think back right now. What have the last 6 years been like for you & your career. What have you had to sacrifice over the past 6 years for your JOB?

OK... What about what have you had to sacrifice just since you answered MY AD or joined our mailing list? Is it worth it? Seriously.

Are you ready to work a proven system in a proven business with a proven hands-on mentor?

Now... Go to right now or call Leslie or I directly:

Leslie (480) 515-9891 or Michael (480) 515-9890

(please note that we live in Arizona & are on mountain standard time - we accept calls between 9 am - 9 pm)

Friday, January 30, 2009

CONTEST: Submit your best BBQ Rib tips to for chance to win $100. Deadline: Sun. 2/1/09 8:00 AM MST

CONTEST: Submit your best BBQ Rib tips to for chance to win $100. Deadline: Sun. 2/1/09 8:00 AM MST

Monday, December 08, 2008

I quit my job

If the above link doesn't work copy & paste in a new browser window.

Great day to you! I imagine you are feeling the pinch of the
economic downturn. Let me ask you this... If you could turn your
current ANNUAL Income into your MONTHLY Income, would it be worth a
5 minute conversation?

My name is Michael Hamburger of . You recently
requested information from me regarding how you could turn your
annual income into your monthly income.

For whatever reason, you & I have not connected. I have been
personally mentoring people since early 2003 with this exact
business system. Our team members are making HUGE profits.

I wish I could tell you that Leslie & I are special... we are not.
We are 2 ordinary people that plugged into a business model &
system that works perfectly. Since 2003, we have personally
mentored some of the highest income earners in the industry!

We will teach you this exact business if you are serious about
making money!

Make it a point to contact me today via our website
or by phone (480) 626-1445.

I look forward to speaking with you today & showing you how to make
2009 your most profitable & enjoyable year ever!


Michael Hamburger

US & Canada (480) 626-1445
AU & NZ +61 (02) 8005 1844
UK & Europe +44 020 3239 0880

Friday, December 05, 2008

Check out Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results


I want you to take a look at: Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results

What changes do you want to change in the next 6 months or even 12 months?

Are you ready to create massive momentum & results or are you going to just give it lip service?

Visit or call me directly @ (480) 515-9890.


Michael Hamburger

Friday, November 21, 2008

Robert Kiyosaki talks about the Perfect Business

This is how I retired from my 6 figure Fortune 100 job in 28 days & Leslie retired from her job in 21 days back in March 2003. This is all we do now for a living. Our business, income & lifestyle are ECONOMY PROOF. We've earned more in a day than the average American earns in a YEAR! This is NOT MLM -

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wealth Education Seminar Saturday, Sept. 20th

Print this email – it is your ticket to the event hosted by Michael Hamburger .

Wealth Education Seminar
Saturday, Sept. 20th
9:00 - 10:00 AM – Get there early, doors close at 9

Westin Kierland Resort and Spa
6902 East Greenway Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254


· Learn how to make more in a month than most make ALL YEAR!!
· Proven 8-year track record
· Local Scottsdale-based company
· Worldwide Business Opportunity
· Currently operating in 69 countries - customers in over 100 countries

You have been confirmed by:
Michael Hamburger

Please call Michael directly @ (480) 515-9890

Monday, September 15, 2008

YouTube channel updated

Hi all,

I have been shooting a ton of new videos & adding them to our YouTube account.

Make it a point to visit & see the variety of videos that we have been adding.


Michael Hamburger

Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Hamburger of - Lifestyle

It has been quite a while since I last checked in. I've been out of pocket to say the least. Since mid March, Leslie & I have been traveling for 9 1/2 weeks thus far. Actually, we are still not "at home", as we are spending some time in San Diego escaping the blazing heat in Arizona!!! The beauty of all of this is that with the portability of our business, we never miss a beat whether we are home or on a working holiday! We plan on spending some more time here in San Diego on the beach. We are also gearing up for a 2 week trip to Oahu, Hawaii in just under 2 weeks. This is a dream come true. Prior to getting our business off the ground, if I wanted to take time away from my job, I would have gotten 2 weeks vacation paid & nothing more!

Don't misinterpret what I am sharing here... I work. I work 2.5 - 4 hours per day Monday - Thursday and 2 hours on Friday! By work, I place a few ads, have people request information from me & then call them back & interview them. Those that demonstrate to me they are serious about creating a minimum of $10,000 profit every month, I provide information to. From there, I leave it up to them to see if they see a fit for themselves. That's it. It's that simple.

Our business is portable baby. How portable is your job or business? For many people, it is not! In case you did not know, it is YOUR choice!

It is over 100° at our home right now! We decided to pack up the family & head to the beach for a week (or two). After arriving in San Diego, we have had a complete blast. The company we work with will be celebrating their 8th anniversary this Friday, July 4, 2008. I find it very fitting that this company was founded on the USA's Independence Day!

Check out the FACTS:

March & April '08 -> We spent just over 3 weeks traveling throughout Italy & earned over $25,000 PROFIT! We worked a whopping 5 hours during the entire trip.

May '08 -> We spent the entire month living in a penthouse on the beach in South Florida & earned over $1,000 per day! We never worked more than 3 days per week & 2.5 hours on any given day! Imagine living on the beach in a resort atmosphere, playing tennis everyday & making more in the month than most people earn in a year. Sign me up all over again!

June '08 -> We have spent a couple of weeks in San Diego & have had back-to-back-to-back 5 figure weeks! Plus we just received a residual check over $10,000 besides our regular earnings! The residual checks roll in 3 times per year! Our business is expanding globally. We have new business partners from: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Iraq, Cayman Islands, Spain, Canada & the United States of America.

This is a lifestyle business. I feel like we are getting paid to travel & play.
This year, Leslie & I have been to Florida twice (once for a month & the other for a long weekend), Italy for 3 1/2 weeks, San Diego for several weeks, the list continues. We leave for a 2 week trip to Hawaii next Tuesday.

What exactly are you looking for? Time, Money, Freedom?
How serious are you?
What is YOUR PLAN?

I have a proven plan...

Michael Hamburger is the Leader You Deserve
Look up leader in Webster's dictionary and you will find Michael Hamburger's picture. I have watched Michael's progress over the last several years and he is unequivocally the leader you are looking for to be mentored by as you create prosperity as an entrepreneur.

Michael is a team player and a team builder, as witnessed by the awesome team of producers and leaders that have flourished through his mentorhsip and the mentorship of Team Lifestyle.

Jeffery Combs, President
Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Biggest Names in the Industry are Teaming Up!

Please make it a point to start joining us specifically on Tuesday evenings @ 8 PM Eastern, as I will share with you how to grow your business... Any business. These calls are not company specific & you will have the opportunity to learn from 4 different industry giants that are all in different business segments within the industry.

I am happy to donate my time and insight to further benefit the industry at large.  I will be hosting this call for my friends at Quality Online Media.  No company will be mentioned on this call.


Please note that this blog is no longer active.  
To stay up to date on my active blog, please visit 
or to request information regarding my business please visit


Michael Hamburger is an internationally recognized network marketing & direct sales industry trainer, speaker, coach, mentor, as well as a successful business owner. Michael's key to success has always been his ability to build success in others. Michael has earned his reputation as a no-bull, hand's on trainer & mentor that has built his business & success from the ground up within the network marketing trenches.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

T Minus 9 Hours & Counting...

Hello, hello...

Do you like helping other people? I do. I think it is sexy. The momentum our team is experiencing is one of the coolest things to watch. Seeing my team members on the companies leader board is so gratifying. Watching people transform their lives & seeing the impact it is having on their families is indescribable.

We have people on our team that are less than a year in the business that have earned more this month even this week than most people make in an entire year. Many of the people on our team I am referring to were broke when they found this business & answered our ad. Instead of settling for the results they were achieving they created a new beginning. Their results are not uncommon here. Do you really think they are concerned with the price of gas right now? I seriously doubt it. They were not waiting for someday when everything was perfect. Someday rarely comes. You gotta make your someday today.

There are so many people getting impacted by the World & US economy right now. I am empowered knowing that our team is creating gigantic financial gains in spite of the economy, the weak American dollar & the gas prices going through the roof. I have really noticed that these economic factors are completely effecting the home business arena in a tremendous manner. I have noticed countless real estate industry professionals answering my ads & moving forward in a huge way. People that were accustomed to making big chunks of income & commissions from real estate & mortgages are barely getting by these days. It is not just people in real estate, like the Realtors, loan officers, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisors & builders, it is almost at epidemic proportion across the Nation & around the world... the effect the economy is having has people making bolder & bigger decisions in their lives that impact the life they live today & tomorrow. People that were living "high on the hog" are now scrapping by paycheck to paycheck. Unless you make some changes, your life is not going to look any different for months.

We have a community of people that are achieving "unrealistic" results in the "real world". I almost thought this was too good to be true. Almost. This is too good to be true but it is true.

You can have anything you want out of your life... you just have to go for it. You have to get started to make the changes. BE, DO, HAVE. No one else can do this for you. If you want to start experiencing different results, understand that this is in direct proportion to the actions & inactions you take in life.

Before I got started w/ my business, I came out of the telecom industry at a time when the entire industry had a big black eye from the corporate mess companies like WorldCom, Qwest & Adelphia left by their scandals. Back then going out of town on a business trip meant packing suits, ties, etc. & jumping on a plane & flying to a city. Many times these trips were to some pretty boring places meeting with even more boring people that also hated their jobs. To make matters more fun, the people that traveled with us typically hated their jobs, didn't know if they were going to get laid off & were just trying to keep their jobs... Yuck!

My personal trips were better. Mainly we'd sneak away on a long 4 day holiday weekend. We really lived for the weekend. We packed & crammed as much fun into the weekend we could handle. When we went on paid vacation days, many times we never even left our town. What was the point? There were always the snowboarding trips... they were a blast! 1 week a year maybe 2 & some long weekends. Going to the beach mostly meant driving to Florida only to sleep one of our parent's couch or floor & every once in a great while we'd rent a villa or the like.

No matter what I did, I felt constrained by my own success & inability to live life on my terms. I knew I was not going to be able to see all the fun places planet Earth has to offer. Even with a good corporate job, I was really deficient in the LIFESTYLE department.

So since we started making BOLDER choices for our life, we started achieving much more fun. I love to travel. Have you seen the small sampling of our pictures. I love it. There is just so much of the world to see & enjoy!

Since we started our business, we have been on 30 or 40+ trips! I know we just got back from a 3 week trip to tour Italy but... We are heading to South Florida for the entire month of May! We did this in June 2006 & had a complete blast. Yes. I will post some pictures. The place we are staying in is nice. Top floor. Southeast corner penthouse on the Atlantic ocean looking out over the bright blue & green ocean below. Leslie tells me that we will freak when we look out & see a ton of sharks swimming by. I'll be sure to snap some photos of sunrise for you guys that are still bundled up to warm you up a spell.

We will be playing a ton of tennis in Florida. We always do but in FL we go nuts & play 4, 5 6 times per week. Many of the people we will be playing with will be twice our age since all the people our age are most likely at work @ 9:00 AM. It's Florida... Who knew?

Here is something I think is really crazy... All I have to do is forward my home office line to my Vonage line & it is business as usual. My philosophy is this, "Nobody says you have to be at your home to work from home." Now we have a big checkbox in the LIFESTYLE department! When I first started my business I used to think it was crazy that I was working from somewhere else in our city. Then we took this business all over the world. Italy a few weeks ago was life changing.

Leslie, Jayden & I are heading out in T Minus 9 hours & counting...

I want you to pay attention to this. OK? I host a call several times per month on Friday mornings. It is a call dedicated to the RESULTS people are experiencing around the world with the business! It is one of the most empowering 30 minutes on the planet. A company that is dedicated to creating whatever results someone desires in their life, both financially & personally. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I hosted the call in Florence, Italy one Friday while the following Friday I was hosting the call from a corner suite in Venice, Italy watching gondolas float by on the Grand Canal & the next Friday I was in Rome, Italy hosting a call from our conference & learning from some of the greatest minds on the planet. (Les Brown, speaker & TV host & Shawn Achor, Harvard University - to share a couple) After returning to Scottsdale,Arizona from Italy, I hosted this call from my pool deck overlooking the city below us & the amazing mountains we live on. Traveling pops up all over my 101 list from Beyond Freedom. Accomplishing these goals is a tremendous feeling.

Maybe travel is not your thing... that's cool. What is? Whatever it is... what are you waiting for?

I can be reached here on this site by clicking on the "Grand Central" button in the upper left hand corner of the site. Input your phone number (US & Canada only for now) & clicking call. Your phone will ring & I will be there on the other end. Odds are you will get my voice mail. That's because I'm living on the beach in Florida. Leave a message with the best time to call you & I will make sure I call you back promptly.

I gotta go pack a few more Tommy Bahamas shirts...

Create a great day - YOU DESERVE IT!

Michael Hamburger
Beachbum for the month of May

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

24 Hours in Italy...

Our flight from the states to Roma was pretty quick & painless. I'll write more about that later. I have to share the last 24 hours & the sheer fun & excitement we are experiencing.

Ok, So we have been in Italy for just over 24 hours. If the next 2 1/2 weeks are like the past 24 hours, we'll be perma-grin for life.

We started our trip by being picked up by our personal driver Mimmo. Mimmo is probably in his late 50's or early 60's & just the nicest little man. You can tell that he takes service to heart. He was funny & quick with a little humor. It was super refreshing after an 8 hours flight. Thank you Liberty League for having Mimmo start our trip off on the correct foot.

Mimmo took us to the Sheraton Roma, where we "deposited" our conference luggage. We'll be back to the Sheraton for the Summit Conference sometime next week??? From there, Mimmo drove us into historic Roma & told us all about the sights & history of each little area. We decided to spend our 1st day in Rome & then head out from there. We checked into Hotel Cosmopolita Roma, which is a block from several ancient ruins & buildings, to include the Colosseum (Colosseo), the Imperial building (Fori Imperiali), the Forum, the Arco di Tito, the Arco di Costantino, Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo) & a ton more buildings. After checking in, we made a choice not to nap, dropped off our luggage & hit the streets. We walked all around the area looking for a quint romantic restaurant to grab a much needed bite to eat. We found a great little place & ended up both eating the same thing. It was so yummy that I had to ask for seconds. I probably could have eaten a 3rd helping, I was so hungry & the food was so good. Don't ask me what it was exactly, as I am not sure. It was a sandwich of some sort with tuna fish & egg salad on it. Other than that, no idea.
We started walking around and taking in the sites once we were regenerated with food. We walked throughout the most amazing church that is located within Campidoglio. The decoration inside is breathe taking. Leslie & I instantly noticed that every nook & cranny is decorated. The ceilings have intricate attention & are gorgeous. Even the marble floors are decorated. We took at least 3 dozen pictures of the ceilings & floors. We left the sanctuary & were walking around this compound of sorts that surround the church. We found ourselves on the room for the building looking over Roma. We could see the Vatican Palaces off a few blocks away.
We found a rooftop bistro & grabbed our first beer. I found it rather peculiar that they only served German beer when I order us a couple of Peroni's. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our beer & headed out for more exploration. The biggest hunt of the day was locating bathrooms... We found a restroom that required a charitable donation in order to use the facility. The woman in line behind us thought we were silly Americans since we put 2 Euros each in the attendants basket. She kept telling us that it was too much!!! The funny thing was, I would have happily paid 100 times more in the moment.
We explored for hours & had so much fun. Later in the evening, we decided to clean up & go find food. We learned that the Monday after Easter is considered "Little Easter" & that most Italians take the day off. It is a holiday, which they literally translated "Holy Day". We ended up walking several blocks from our hotel room & found a great little place that was on the way to the area we were heading to.

We started with a bottle of Chianti from the Tuscany region. We instantly noticed it had a strong bite & a beautiful finish to it. Leslie ordered lasagna & I opted for the spaghetti with clams. Our waitress Mimmy was from Romania and was an absolute doll. She guided us through the meal. We were joined by Deidre and her daughter Madison who were in Rome from Cincinnati, Ohio. We had a blast talking with them.

From dinner, we walked to an Irish pub that was packed with people from the UK. We enjoyed a few drinks & conversations before we headed back to our hotel.

Leslie & I had a video conference with our daughter back in the states. She is enjoying her time with Leslie's parents. It was super cool to be able to assist my team members back in the states make money while we are here playing in Italy. I enjoyed another video conference with our team member Kathryn, who is enjoying a month long visit to Italy. She has been in Florence for the past 16 days. I worked for about an hour calling people back in the states that answered our ads looking for an opportunity to work from home (or Rome or anywhere else for that matter) before retiring for the night. How cool is this? I used to be a cubicle worker when I was in the office. Now the world is my office. Should you want to see how this business can change your life, like it has changed ours, please feel free to call me. Remember to check the time 1st... Rome is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time. Our mobile number while we travel is +44 (792) 444-6007 (UK based mobile).

We'll be on "The Board" this week for $11,000 profit so far! That is net profits earned & we are not even home or in the states. That's sexy if you ask me. And to think, that is a single week of profits & a third of Leslie's ANNUAL income working 40-50 hours per week in a cubicle. Yuck!

This morning we had breakfast in our hotel overlooking the street. After being here for 24 hours, we have noticed several differences between Italy & the States:

• The old buildings have lifts (elevators) that are slapped onto the exterior of the buildings.
• The showers are teeny tiny & have 2 doors that open in the corners.
• Italians do not stop @ Stop Signs & do not pay attention to traffic lanes, they don't have lanes.
• The ground floors in buildings are 0.
• We have to stick our room key in the wall in order to have lights, air condition & the sort in our hotel rooms.
• We have a bidet that is a toilet sink combo. Don't ask!?!?
• We've only heard American music everywhere we went. I never thought I would hear American dance club music everywhere.
• Rome is experiencing unseasonable rain for this time of year.

I'm sure there is more that I am leaving out... more to come. We are heading north today. When we get to the train station, we're going to flip a coin to see where we head next. Heads we go to Florence & tails we're heading to Venice. Hopefully, it is not raining in northern Italia.