Friday, December 15, 2006

2007 - Goals or Resolutions???

Goals vs. Resolutions

With the new year rapidly approaching, now is a great time to look @ your goals! Are the choices you make taking you closer to your goals or further away? There is no in between here. Notice I am not talking about resolutions. How many resolutions have you kept in the year's past? Seriously?

A simple key to massive success is to be crystal clear in your goals. Know WHY you're here & what you have come for. Be specific. I'm talking down to the granular detail. If you desire a new car, do you know the model, the color, every option you desire, what the cost is to drive it off the lot, have you taken pictures of yourself in the driver's seat & posted it up on your dream board, set a date to pick it up & take it home? If not, get busy, you deserve it. Have you begun to use the goals portion of your new LLI Advanced Marketing website? Are your goals on your goal cards written in the present tense & do you carry them with you daily all while pulling out your card several times throughout the day & then visualizing yourself in posession of your goals? If not now, when? Someday? You deserve to have it all.


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