Monday, December 08, 2008

I quit my job

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Great day to you! I imagine you are feeling the pinch of the
economic downturn. Let me ask you this... If you could turn your
current ANNUAL Income into your MONTHLY Income, would it be worth a
5 minute conversation?

My name is Michael Hamburger of . You recently
requested information from me regarding how you could turn your
annual income into your monthly income.

For whatever reason, you & I have not connected. I have been
personally mentoring people since early 2003 with this exact
business system. Our team members are making HUGE profits.

I wish I could tell you that Leslie & I are special... we are not.
We are 2 ordinary people that plugged into a business model &
system that works perfectly. Since 2003, we have personally
mentored some of the highest income earners in the industry!

We will teach you this exact business if you are serious about
making money!

Make it a point to contact me today via our website
or by phone (480) 626-1445.

I look forward to speaking with you today & showing you how to make
2009 your most profitable & enjoyable year ever!


Michael Hamburger

US & Canada (480) 626-1445
AU & NZ +61 (02) 8005 1844
UK & Europe +44 020 3239 0880

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