Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Our 1 year Update: 03/03/2004

Kava Ceremony w/ Village members, Fiji

Hello Everyone:

Today, March 3, 2004, marks our 1 year anniversary in getting started with Liberty League International. It is almost hard to believe what all has happened in our lives. I am very proud to share with each of you some of the past year’s highlights. As many of you know, 1 year ago both Leslie & I were working J.O.B.’s in Corporate America and doing quite well. I was making over 6 figures a year at my job and Leslie was making $33k + commission. We found this business while we were on a snowboarding trip in Salt Lake City, UT at the end of February with Leslie's brother & his wife. We made the choice to get started immediately after returning home from the trip. Am I glad we made the choice? Keep reading and you decide. We got our business up the next week when we returned home to our 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta, GA. We got ourselves qualified and in a money making position our first week in business and put our first money in our pocket the very next week! This showed us that this opportunity was for real and this was before our course arrived in the mail. We came shooting out of the gate our first month and made the choice to leave our jobs at the end of March. Leslie left her job on March 24th and I left my job 1 week later on March 31st. Both of our bosses thought we were nuts and now my former boss has gotten himself started!

Champagne view from our Honeymoon Suite in Fiji
We decided to travel to Los Angeles for Labor Day weekend in August of 2003. We fell in love with the beaches of Southern California, found an amazing townhouse overlooking the ocean, went home and packed up and moved 1 week later. We drove cross country working our business from our cell phones and plugged into every call to share our adventures and the dollars made simply by following the system from the road. We “camped” out for 3 weeks while awaiting the arrival of our movers and our belongings & experienced our best day ever in the business!

One year later as we look back we have been to Fiji in the South Pacific for our first Summit Conference. We took the opportunity and got married before the Summit Conference on the beach of a private island which we traveled to by seaplane! We originally had decided to get married on a beach in south Florida. We’ve also spent over a week in Cancun, Mexico at our first Liberty Conference back in October of 2003! We’ve attended 2 national training events, one in Las Vegas, NV in August of 2003 & one in Orlando, FL in January of 2004. We have just returned this week from spending 10 days in Hawaii at our second Liberty Conference. During the past year, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to hear from world-class speakers, such as, Bob Proctor, Doug Wead, Andy Andrews, Fredrick Lehrman, Jordan Goodman, Jerry Clark and Patrick Combs, to name just a few! And we are already looking into the future, as we are committed to attending our second Summit Conference this June in Athens, Greece! We are also looking forward to returning to Cancun this October for another amazing Liberty Conference. We will also be attending another nationwide training event in 45 days, either in Scottsdale, AZ or Las Vegas, NV.

Private Island dive excursion with our friend's Bob & Lisa
Is this too good to be true? You be the judge. Decide for yourself. Within our first year, we have tripled our income! We enjoy the freedom from no longer be chained to 40 – 80 hours per week at our jobs and we now work our business 20-25 hours per week! We can travel anywhere we choose without “taking vacation” or “calling in sick”! Do you want to know the best part? Besides the time & money freedom we now enjoy, we are assisting others in achievement of their goals. We have had the honor of assisting numerous others achieve a 6 figure income and create the life of their dreams! What will you decide for your life? I invite you to checkout our new website or contact us with any further questions you may have.

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