Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Home From Greece...It Was Amazing!!!


I hope the past 2 weeks have been amazing for you. Leslie & I are just back from a spectacular trip to Greece. As you know, we were there for the 2004 Summit Conference. We spent several days before the conference on Santorini Island. If you have never been, make sure you write this jewels name down.

It is a must see in your lifetime. We will definitely return. One of my favorite memories of Santorini, while there are so many to pick from, is when we rented a brand new Audi TT convertible and went ZOOMING around the island. We will never forget the excitement we had that day. We covered almost every mile of the island from the black beaches of Kamari to the red beaches near the archeological ruins in Akrotiri and we finished out our day by watching the most spectacular sunset from a quaint restaurant in Oia. It is almost hard to believe all the places we have been with Liberty League in the past 12 months. 1 year ago we went to our 1st ever was held in the Island nation of Fiji! We actually went early to that trip also and got married on a secluded private island days before the conference began. We had to take a sea plane from the mainland to get there! After Fiji, we went to Las Vegas, NV for a Super Saturday National Training event. That was the first time I ever went to Vegas and left with more money in my pocket/bank account then I went with. We actually left with tens of thousands more than we had before the trip! Our next trip w/ LLI was to Cancun for our 1st Liberty Conference. We went early and we stayed you see a pattern developing here? Cancun was awesome... the resort we stayed in was ALL-INCLUSIVE! It didn’t matter what time of the day or night we called, they catered to our every whim! After Cancun, we went to Orlando, FL for another Super Saturday! My most vivid memory about this event is that most of my immediate family was present getting the same information I was there to get and for the same reasons! To grow our businesses and boy have they grown!!! After this training day, we next attended another Liberty Conference in HAWAII! It was my first time there and Leslie’s second (she was there while in school cheering at the Aloha Bowl!) We went 1 week early (imagine that?) and rented a huge estate right on the water with two couples we have become wonderful friends with through Liberty League. Our next Super Saturday was very cool as all of LLI headed to our backyard in Anaheim. We took our team to Disneyland the day before. Let me tell you, it was so cool to meet all the kids of our teammates! That brings us up to date for now. While we were in Athens, we saw the Acropolis, the original Olympic stadium, the ruins of the Forum, and so was a living history book. I will never forget swimming in the rooftop pool of our hotel and seeing the Parthenon & Acropolis a few blocks away. We also took a 9 hour island cruise with about 100+ other Liberty Leaguers, their families & several of our speakers. We finished out the event with a black tie formal event at the Byzantine Estate. The coolest past of the night is when Brent Payne & Shane Krider (the 2 co-founder’s of Liberty League) donated $100,000.00 to Acres of Love ( and then these 2 announce that they are giving away a brand new 2004 BMW Z4 convertible as 1 of the 5 prizes for the Dog Days of Summer contest on August 21, 2004 at the next Super Saturday event in Phoenix. For more details and a fun video check out my website: or (Let me know if you see Leslie on the phone in the Dog Days video!)

When someone asked you how you spent your summer...what will you say?

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