Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live from San Diego

Hi all... Leslie, Jayden & I are back home in the US after spending 2 weeks abroad in Sydney, Australia. The trip was amazing. I've been wanting to go to Australia since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I've posted some pictures on our blog @ IncomeExperts.net for you to experience the trip with us. We climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, visited the zoo, experienced minus 18 degrees, enjoyed the world famous aquarium, dined at the highest point in the city @ the Sydney Tower, visited the beaches, walked on FIRE, not to mention we had the unique opportunity to learn from brilliant minds like Bob Proctor (you may know Bob from the movie "The Secret") & Lynne McTaggart ("What The Bleep Do We Know")

After getting back to our home in Scottsdale, we enjoyed 7 different fireworks shows from our house on the 4th of July, as we live on the side of a mountain overlooking the city below. We had to escape the blazing 110 degree plus heat of the desert. We lasted a whopping 3 days home in the heat. We jetted over to the sunny & cool beaches of San Diego, CA (It reminds me of spending 2 weeks away last summer in South Africa & then spending 1 month living on the beach in Florida). I am committed to spending next summer in Hawaii.

Since we have been here in San Diego, we have taken Jayden to her 1st Atlanta Braves game (Braves won), I've begun to learn to surf, we enjoyed the beach, countless bike rides, some great food, enjoyed the company of some of our business partners & all the time enjoyed the true portability of our business. Where else can someone truly enjoy this level of freedom without impacting their business or job? This lifestyle would NEVER be possible for us if we were still working for someone else.

I know you are ready to see how this business will afford you & your family the freedom you deserve. My main number (480) 515-9890 will call my cell phone here on the beach. I have also added a number for those of you who live in Australia (+61) (02) 8005 1844.

The best time to reach me is after 11 pm EST & before 9 pm EST.

Make sure you leave your name & phone number (including area code) if you get my voice mail.

It is 7:50 PM PST & I am off to enjoy a wonderful glass of wine & another beautiful sunset.
I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Michael Hamburger
(480) 515-9890
P.S. You still have a good chance of being the person who drives away in a brand new 2008 Range Rover Sport on August 11, 2007. Details are on my blog (address above) or call me to discuss.

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