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VIDEO: 2 types of people that answer ads...which are you?

Did you know there are 2 types of people that answer ads.

In my 4 ½ years of working from home successfully, I have learned there are 2 types of people who answer ads offering opportunities - Those that are serious about changing their financial well-being & those that give it lip service. I can definitely assist those that are serious and are ready to take action. I have yet to figure out a way to assist those that are giving it lip service. The great news is people get to choose every day which ideology they subscribe to! Start asking yourself which category you are in.

Let's talk about both for a brief minute. I have witnessed on countless occasions that those that are serious about creating change are the one's that get RESULTS. Nothing strange about this. Most people in this category are ready for a BIG change & are out searching for the right vehicle and the right mentor. I know from our experience here that the vehicle we are offering is the most lucrative opportunity on the planet. I get calls & emails every week from people trying to cross-recruit or reverse market to me. It never fails, they have the next big idea or they feel they are marketing the bigger better deal. I hate to be the one to tell them that what they are offering cannot touch our business in respect to products, lifestyle & the all-important dollars earned (the compensation plan) but I do. I have several brand new people on my team right now that are experiencing financial gains better than any other time in their lives. Take Chris in VA for example. He earned more in his first month here than he made in 6 years combined working another business full out. I'll share another example in just a few minutes.

Let's talk about the people who answer ads with the "intent" on requesting information & then never take action. What can I do to assist these folks? I guess I could use the lead a horse to water analogy we are all familiar with. I guess I could shoot the horse & then drag their dead carcass to water to drink? That cracks me up - sorry, I am the funniest person I know! Seriously, think about that analogy. these are the people that want to feel good about looking for something better. They want to feel good about looking for something & then they come up with all the reasons they should not start a business. Typically, these are the very reasons they should start a business. The very reasons they deserve to make a change. You have heard the saying "talk is cheap"? The exact opposite is true! For people in this category, Talk is expensive. Very expensive if you ask me. It is costing these people their lives, their happiness & their freedom.

All this sounds great on paper but let's look at 2 people as examples. I spoke with a guy last week that answered an ad of mine a couple of months ago; let's call him "Kevin" (his name has been changed in case he reads his email). He just bought a new house, has "tried" several other businesses & works in a factory & while @ the factory, he doesn't even have the freedom to make a 2-minute phone call. He is monitored every minute of the day while @ work. He hopes to find something so he can quit his miserable job. This guy has been toying with the idea of getting started with us here. I am willing to bet the farm that when he does get started here, if he'll follow the proven system, he'll be out of his job quickly. In the mean time, I have a lady on my team that got started with us the week this guy originally answered our ad; we'll call her "Suzanne". She followed the system to the letter, took immediate action & she has put over $10,000 in her pocket since getting started. She "didn't have the money" to get started here. She did go out & figure out how to get the required capital necessary to get herself started here. 2 people with the exact same opportunity, 2 people with the exact same earning potential, 2 people with similar bank accounts prior to answering my ad. The factory worker guy has been dragging his feet & is still barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck. He must be waiting for life to get even better before creating the change he so desperately claims to want. Do you see how "expensive" this choice is to this person? This is the type of person who tiptoes through life hoping to arrive safely to death. Doesn't sound that appealing to me. I don't want to settle for what the corporate world thinks I am worth, etc. I want to be the guy sitting in the driver's seat of my own life.

Suzanne, the lady who started the EXACT week I initially spoke to Kevin has just put in her 2-week notice to her boss & has already earned $10,0000 profit. That is about 1/3 of her annual income. I love speaking to her on the phone. She is fired up. Her kids are seeing the change in their mom. Her life is beginning to transform right before her eyes. It all boils down to making a decision to move life forward & then following up with action.

When I originally started this business, I asked some of the people in my life for advise as to what they saw here. Some where super supportive while others started telling me why this would never work & why I should play it safe @ my job. When I looked at my friends that were giving me the go for it advise, I noticed these were the most successful people in my life, people who were getting the results I desired in my life. The opposite rang true for the people who were the naysayers. Was I willing to take advise from the people who were already making significantly less than me & getting results I did not desire? I heard a few years ago that if you take the average income of your 5 closest people in your life, that one's income is typically on average +/- $5,000. Why would I take financial advise from those that are not achieving the level of income I desire? I would be crazy to accept this as my reality. That would be like taking advise from an obsessively overweight physician. Who are you asking for advise from? Looking back, I am super grateful that I had this distinction & decided to follow my dream. Leslie & I were able to quit our jobs in less than 30 days. 4 ½ years later, we are living life full out. We are both home & raising our daughter together. We have generated a huge income. I'm not bragging here but allow me the space to show you how lucrative this business really is. We took off ½ of the month of August for family trips, vacation, etc. & still earned $29,000 profit! That is more than I earned annually at my first two jobs working in the corporate world! I'll be the first one to share this with you in case you are wondering, we are not special. There are so many people earning a huge income here.

Let me share several years of experience with you right now. THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO START IN THIS INDUSTRY! People are home from summer vacation, the kids are going back to school, the weather will begin to cool off (being in the 100º plus desert heat - very soon I hope) & the days will start to get shorter. People start to realize that what they are doing simply is not cutting it anymore.

I recommend you decide quickly which category's belief you fall in. If you are in the category of those giving their own life lip service, I strongly suggest that you take immediate action to change that.

Summer is nearly over in North America. Did you enjoy yourself to the extent you expected this summer? Is your life or your lifestyle any better than it was 3 months ago? Are you living where you really want to & in the house you dreamed about? Are you driving the car you truly want? Where you are in your life right now is a direct result of the choices you have made & the actions associated with those choices.

The great news is that you & you alone can change this drastically in the next few months. Think about this. Visualize that it is December 31, 2007. You are looking back over 2007 with a huge smile on your face. You look at where you made a choice to no longer settle for the life you were living. A community that takes a stand for you living life on your terms now surrounds you. You have either quit your job or are very close to making that happen. You are now your own boss. No schedule, no overtime, no boss telling you what you are worth, no commute to a job. All of this became possible because you made a choice & then took action. Remember, not making a choice is still a choice.

Leslie & I are committed to assisting people that are ready to create change & freedom. We invite you to call us & see how we are getting people into a money making position faster than ever before.

So which group are you in & will you stay there? It starts with taking action.


Michael Hamburger
(480) 515-9890

P.S. - In case you want to review this business all over again, I have just put together a nice overview for you to review. Visit www.IncomeExperts.com/overview & also listen to a call I hosted last Friday by calling (618) 355-1670 & hit option #5.

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