Monday, August 20, 2007

New site is live & I am still traveling

Hi all,

It has been a while since I shared what all has been transpiring in our lives over the past 20 days or so. Leslie, Jayden & I are in Springfield, MO visiting her grandparents. It is our annual trip where all of here family comes here for some well-deserved down-time together. We flew here from our home in Scottsdale via a private chartered jet. It was pretty cool. It is the 2nd trip this month where we have traveled by private charter. I'll have to get some videos up soon.

Make sure you visit the new site that we brought back live today -

Leslie, Jayden & I spent an extended weekend in Las Vegas meeting with several members of our team. It was amazing to see the growth & duplication throughout our organization. We have seen so many leaders & top income earners grow out of our lineage. We are super stoked to have meet with so many of our new team members - we had people from our team from all over planet earth. I think Paula L. traveled the furthest, as she lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

We head home tomorrow & will be back shortly after with pics, posts & more.


Michael Hamburger

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