Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I am grateful for 2007

I'd like to share what I am grateful for in my life during 2007... OK, I'll narrow it down to my top 10.
  1. A healthy beautiful baby girl born 02/07 & being here experiencing her grow.
  2. My wife & best friend Leslie.
  3. My health.
  4. Our family & their health.
  5. I finally visited the land "down under" - Leslie, Jayden & I visited Sydney in June & July '07. (3 new stamps in the passport for the year)
  6. Our 1st year in our new home - it rocked!
  7. Old friends & new friends.
  8. A year filled w/ "1st's" - Jayden's 1st Easter, Valentine's day, April Fool's day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas (See #1).
  9. Going to the 2007 BCS Championship & watching the Florida Gators stomp Ohio State.
  10. Another year in business for ourselves & calling the shots.
My commitment to myself & the world is to be powerful in the choices I make & to share this with others.

Please take a moment & let me know what you are grateful for in your life from 2007.




copilotscott said...

That is awesome buddy. I am wishing you a healthy child. I am also going to be a father this year. End of May... Congratulations buddy...

Scott Thompson

Kathryn said...

Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing your Top 10 things that you're Grateful for in 2007. I'll share a few of mine with you!
1. I'm grateful for my health and for waking up each day to a new
world of opportunities.
2. I'm grateful for my family and their health, and the fact that I
get to see them more often now that I have my own business!
3. I'm grateful for the abundance of money that flows into my life,
which allows me to live the life of my dreams and make large donations to my favorite non-profit groups.
4. I'm grateful for incredible friends, the love I share with them, and so many amazing experiences I had in 2007!
5. I'm grateful for my imagination and my sense of humor and the
ability to make others laugh and get through difficult situations.

I know 2008 will be even more amazing, and I look forward to sharing a new Grateful List next year!

Kathryn Murtha