Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 1 of digital marketing was a complete SUCCESS!

From the mobile "office" of:
Michael Hamburger
22 April 2009 - 10:50 AM PST
Intercontinental Hotel
San Francisco, CA

I am very excited to share with each of you how successful
yesterday's information packed digital marketing conference

The information & contacts I gained yesterday are priceless.
I will be sharing this with my team during the next 2 months+
worth of webinar's I host each Wednesday. The timing for
what I am looking to do has never been better.

I have been in communication with the owner of the company
I have been marketing for the past 6 years. As I share some
of the information, he has literally lite up! The value that this
information will bring & the profits earned by my team is
literally going to skyrocket. That alone is no small feat!

Our team has been one of the most profitable team's in the
history of our company. Leslie & I have created the 3rd largest
team in our company. We have literally mentored some of
the industry's highest income earners. We literally have 1/2
of our companies top leadership that have come from our
team mentorship program!

It is my intention to create a minimum of 2 six-figure income
earners EACH WEEK! What intentions do you have for
yourself for the next 6-12 months?

Your timing has never been better. Do you know that literally
every second of every day someone is starting a ho'me

The opportunity that we represent has the industry's most
powerful & most profitable compensation plan on the planet.

Our business is being operated in over 140 countries
worldwide & we opened up the Spanish speaking market back
in January 2009. Business is literally exploding. Today's
economy has increased our company's bottom line with an
astronomical 50%+ increase in profits for the field

The caliber of people that we work with are off the charts!

We have had the unique opportunity to work with:

  • Bob Proctor, "The Secret"
  • Lee Brower, "The Secret"
  • Andy Andrews, Best selling author
  • Doug Wead, US Presidential Advisor
  • Bill Phillips, "Body For Life"
  • Les Brown, World famous speaker
  • Shawn Achor, Harvard professor
  • Michael Losier, "Law of Attraction"
  • Steven Levitt, "Freakonomics"
  • Larry Wingett, author & tv personality
  • Phil Kohgenin, "Amazing Race" tv show host & author
The list goes on & on... Who are you learning from? If you want
to see some unique insight... add up the income of your 10 closest
friends & advisors & then take an average. According to an Ivy League
study, your income will be +/- $10,000.

We have created marketing systems, lead generation systems, auto-
responders and more! Our business is plug & play and we will mentor
you every step of the way.

If you really are serious about making a huge impact to your income, it
is a proven fact that you have to surround yourself with people that are
earning the level of income you desire for yourself!

Leslie & I plugged into our business & within 6 months we had created a
six figure income. Over the years, we have assisted our team members
create the level of income they desire for themselves.

If you want to learn from someone that is 100% committed to the growth
of your income, the timing has never been more perfect.

Contact Leslie directly right now & schedule a brief 3-5 minute interview.
Leslie can be reached at: 1-480-515-9891

I am just minutes away from jumping on San Francisco's
world famous trolley car & riding down the hill to the
conference center. I'll report back more later in the week.

Make sure you give Leslie a call today & get the information you deserve!


Michael Hamburger

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