Monday, April 20, 2009

Furthering "OUR" education regarding "Online Marketing"

Greetings all... I imagine you are back at work from an amazing
weekend. I want each of you to fully understand my personal
commitment to my team's success.

Have you ever wondered how the smallest, most minute things can
have some of the biggest impact to your life? What you do with
this email may be one of those insignificant emails you delete OR
it can be the beginning of a whole new way of being. It's pretty
amazing when we stop & think about it.

What if? What if you had invested in a relatively unknown computer
company back in the 70's? What if you had invested in a far out
idea based company 10 years ago called Google? Where would you be

What if? What if you had a way to get in on the front end of a
global movement years before it became a household name?

What if? What if you had figured out a way too create income on
demand a year ago? Would the current state of the global economy
be impacting your life right now?

What if you were earning enough money each month that you could
replace your current job or business & walk away forever? What if?

What if you've been reading our emails for a long time & never took
any action other than deleting the emails OR what if you finally
called us & got serious about moving yourself forward in a HUGE way!

Leslie & I have created the 3rd largest team in the history of our
company over the past 6 years. This is HUGE. I'm not sharing this
to brag but to educate you to my team's commitment to success.

We have grown our team through a variety of methods: Internet
marketing, PPC (pay per click) marketing, simple newspaper &
magazine ads and more. During our tenure as top producers in our
company & the industry as a whole, our commitment has always been
to educate & teach our team members the best methods for growing
their respective teams (i.e. - their income). I share all of my
best practices with my team members... EVERYTHING!

We are the proud "momma" & "poppa" by having 1/2 of our company's
top producers & executive members come directly from our team -
Leaders are developed not born!

Over the years, I have co-created lead generation systems, lead
generation platforms & a complete marketing system that is now
being utilized by roughly 50% of all of the marketers in our
company! So you may be thinking, "So where are you going with this
Michael?" To the bank if you're smart & take some initiative!

This week, I am in San Francisco, CA for a week long digital
marketing conference (Michael). I feel that staying on the cutting
edge of today's fast evolving Internet marketing is key for my
team's profitability! I will be sharing this information with my
team members upon my return.

Did you know that we personally host a weekly mastermind with our
team? Some of the topics we discuss each week are Internet
marketing, creating multiple streams of income, basic & advanced
marketing, personal development, creating the mindset of success
and other topics.

Are you aware that Michael is an international trainer & speaker
with one of the
planet's most success & profitable business opportunities?

Some of our mastermind partners are international best-selling
authors, Presidential adviser's, billion dollar business pioneers,
master's of the Law of Attraction & more!

Now that we've shared some of our pertinent credentials, it's time
for us to have a quick conversation...

Contact either Leslie or Michael today!

Leslie - 1-480-515-9891
Michael - 1-480-515-9890

What if it is your story we are spotlighting 30 days from today?
What if it is 90 days? What if it is 1 year from this moment
exactly? What if you are out of your current job or business & you
are living your life fully FUNded without ever having to rely on
anyone else ever again? Would taking the next step & calling us be
worth it? The choice is simple & 100% up to you. Life is a choice
- choose well!

Make it a great day & we look forward to speaking when you get this


Michael & Leslie Hamburger

Leslie - 1-480-515-9891
Michael - 1-480-515-9890

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