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Join a new generation of network marketers who are charting their own course in life.

I’ve been an avid (and active!) student of success ever since I first discovered the network marketing industry more than a decade ago. They may prescribe different tools and techniques for doing it and they all have their own way of saying it, but every success mentor I’ve ever studied makes pretty much the same point – you can’t GET what you want until you KNOW what you want!

Sure, we all have dreams, and most of us have at least a vague idea that we want happiness, fulfillment and security in some form, but what I’m talking about here is having TOTAL CLARITY about what you want your life experience to be in every area – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. You’d be shocked to discover how few people really invest the effort to map out their lives in this kind of detail, but I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that the wealthiest 1% of the population follows this one success habit without exception. They set a vision for what they want in vivid detail.
If you feel stuck the first time you try this kind of visioning exercise, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Most of us have been taught from a very early age to “go along to get along” and keep our dreams small, if we have them at all. By the time kids reach the sixth grade, most of their creativity has been conditioned out of them with the expectation that there’s only one right answer. Independent thinking is rarely encouraged, especially when it comes to wealth and success. The truth is that there are no rules about how successful you can be. The only real limits on the abundance you create are the ones you set for yourself. If you’re ready to give it try, here are some hints to get you started.

Think about what inspires you. Are there activities in your life that make you lose track of time? Are there certain things you do or experience during the day that seem to automatically raise your energy level, almost before you realize it? These are clues that point to your true desires in life. Think back to conversations you’ve had with close friends or family members. If you can recall a time when your speech became more animated – when the words just seemed to flow – that’s inspiration at work.

Make a few notes about these memories and you’ll be off to a great start toward defining what you really want. What are you passionate about? Almost everyone has had the experience of seeing situation at work, at home or in the world at large and just “knowing” they could make it better. If you’ve ever felt driven to improve something in your life or in your environment, that’s another clue you can use to uncover your deepest desires.

What are the “wants” that truly motivate you? Is it having more discretionary income, more free time or a special accomplishment that has your name attached to it? Imagine all of these things as if they’ve already become real in your life and write them out in vivid detail. Finally, knowing WHY you want them will help you to stay on task. Whether it’s to realize a personal dream, make a change in the world or provide a better life for someone you love, knowing “why” your dream is important to you will keep you on course when the inevitable temptation comes to put it off for another day. Network marketing is the best vehicle I know for making dreams come true, so make sure you dream big!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Hamburger is COO and President of Avant Education (  Mr. Hamburger, a former US Marine and Fortune 100 Sales Executive, began his network marketing career in 1998. In a moment of clarity in early 2003, he made the choice to transform his life through network marketing. Michael has mentored thousands of people from six continents and is a staunch proponent of network marketing. He can often be heard laughing out loud, saying, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

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