Friday, May 20, 2011


Winners don’t get what they deserve – they get what they BELIEVE they deserve.

For a long time, I’ve been an avid and passionate tennis player. I love everything about the sport… the skill… the psychology… the strategy… and most of all, the insight the game has given me into human nature and my own belief systems. When you’re alone out there on your side of the net, it’s just you and the ball and your opponent. There’s nowhere to hide and no one to blame when things don’t go your way. You can tell a LOT about how a person handles life and business by the way they respond when they’re having a bad game (I sure hope John McEnroe’s not reading this issue)!

How can I be so sure about this? Because I’ve learned a LOT about myself over the years on the tennis court. When I relocated with my family to the Houston area a year and a half ago to begin my journey running a top tier network marketing company at a corporate level, everything was new… new state… new career responsibilities… and a new tennis league. To make a long story very short, it was my worst tennis season ever. After losing game after game, it became clear to me that I wasn’t losing from a lack of effort. I was defeating myself by playing too hard. I was gripping the racket like a vise, taking a rigid stance and swinging like a wild man at every ball, all in an attempt to CONTROL outcomes that were BEYOND my control. In fact, I was reaching so far for a pre-conceived outcome that I lost my balance and my game suffered for it.

Guess what? My performance on the tennis court was telling me that my belief system needed a tune up. I needed to let go of the idea that I had to kill every ball, ace every serve or win every set so that I could be free to relax back into my game… to be fully present with my breathing, my form and what was happening around me on the court… in short, to just experience the joy… the essence… of tennis again. My beliefs about myself needed to be grounded in my PURPOSE for being there and how much of myself I was giving to it… not in how many TV shots I made or how many points I scored in any one match. In sports, like in business, life is going to bring you bad balls, bad shots and tough opponents who have something to teach you. Since there’s no escaping that, your belief system had better be built on something that won’t shift underneath you when life takes an unexpected bounce.

There are five things that successful people do every day without exception to plant their belief systems on solid ground. ONE: they begin each day by visualizing their ideal vision for wealth, health and wisdom in vivid detail. TWO: They follow a consistent practice for self development and work harder on themselves than they work on their business. THREE: They make an unbreakable commitment to themselves to complete their income producing activities no matter what. FOUR: They reach out to a mastermind group of other leaders who know more than they do. FIVE: They cultivate an expectation of leadership by having a servant’s heart, a teachable spirit and a bias for ACTION. Winners know that learning from their mistakes will carry them farther and faster than playing it safe.

One other attribute that ALL top-producers have in common is that they DESERVE to be successful. Do you really believe deep down that you truly deserve wealth, health and wisdom? Are you taking actions today that reflect that belief or does your belief system need a tune up? Maybe it’s time to loosen your grip on the racket, breathe, look around and remember that you’re on the court to have FUN!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Hamburger is the COO and President of Avant Education ( Mr. Hamburger, a former US Marine and Fortune 100 Sales Executive, began his network marketing career in 1998. In a moment of clarity in early 2003, he made the choice to transform his life through network marketing. Michael has mentored thousands of people from six continents and is a staunch proponent of network marketing. He can often be heard laughing out loud, saying, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

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