Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer - Santa Monica, CA

I just completed to Avon Walk For Breast Cancer in honor of my mother. The minimum to walk was $3500 & my goal was to raise $5,000 for this walk...I did not do it... I raised over $20,000 with my team, with $10,000 of this from my personal fundraising efforts. The support within my company was overwhelming. The majority of dollars I raised came from within this amazing community. The support was not just financial, I had a business associate fly in from NY & 2 others within LA raise money & walk with me. The walkers arrived before sunrise just a block from our house on the beach. It was a very sureal start to a long weekend, to say the least. You could feel the buzz in the air. Leslie arrived long before I did, as she volunteered and was directing traffic when I walked up.

It was a grueling 2 day event. On the first day, Saturday, we walked a full marathon (26.2 miles) and the blisters let us know not to forget the final .2 miles. After spending roughly a half hour getting treated for my blisters, Leslie picked me up at the end of the first day & took me home.

The next morning I could barely wake-up... I met up with my buddy walkers and the day began. I was much more emotional on day 2 than I was the previous day. The last 2 miles I could barely think. Once I saw the finish line, Leslie was there, people were yelling & screaming...

I meet so many inspiring woman this weekend, each has been touched in one form or fashion by this horrible epidemic. It was the memory of my Mom that inspired me to walk on, inspite of the pain I felt.

I walk for you Mom. I miss you & will love you always. Thanks for always being my best friend & encouraging me to follow my heart without limitations.

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