Thursday, September 30, 2004

Good bye California…Hello Arizona

So after living on the beach for the past year as beach bums, Leslie & I have offically moved! We were flying home from Leslie's grandparents house in August 2004. During this voyage home, we started discussing our future and our future family. We know we want to have kids sometime soon and that Los Angeles is not the place we desire to raise them. We started brainstorming were on this planet we want to raise our kids. We did some investigating and toured Southern California to no avail. We also starting visiting Arizona frequently and we fell in love with the area, the people and the abundance. So the BIG question was could we adjust to the heat, especially the summer heat. We started visiting Scottsdale, AZ a few years ago and although the 100 degree plus heat will get your attention, we knew we could adjust. And so the adventure begins...

We must have looked at 3 dozen homes in a pretty short time and made a couple of offers that were close. Finally, we found our new home and our offer was accepted! The moving truck arrived at our townhome on the morning of Sept. 15, 2004 which is exactly 1 year from the day we moved in. That night after the moving truck departed, Leslie & I, along with our English Bulldog, Roxy, departed Santa Monica enroute to our new home in Scottsdale, AZ.

How exciting? Very! We arrived at the guard house and after introducing ourselves to the security staff our realtor arrived with everything we required to get in to our new neighborhood. The movers arrived with 15 minutes and started moving our stuff into our 1st house. We have never had a house of our own before. We just moved out of a townhome with 5 other families behind our unit. It is pretty cool that 2 years ago, Leslie & I had a 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta, GA. As old George Jefferson says,"We're Moving On Up!"

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