Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 5 - Bob Proctor of The Secret & Liberty League International

Day 5: Today we spent all day w/ Bob Proctor of the Secret. This is the 3rd or 4th time Bob has been on a Liberty League International stage. He started with LLI back in 2001 when Liberty League International was just a concept. The accolades he shared this trip about the growth & direction "The League" has experienced sounded like a very proud poppa!!! I found it intriguing how he shared that his participation in the world smash hit movie, The Secret was purely the Law of Attraction in Action!

Leslie & I first heard Bob in 02/04 in Oahu, Hawaii. Bob's message is like a laser beam that cut's right through me (you). He gets right to the heart of the matter. I do not think anyone in the audience will ever look @ life the same!

That night, we went out on the town with some friends. We went to a bar called Minus 5, the coolest experience. The bar keeps the temperature @ a minimum of 5 degrees below zero. They issued all of us parkas & timers at the door, as guests are limited to a total of 30 minutes in the ice bar. We enjoyed cocktails from "glasses" made from ice. Everything inside the bar is made from ice, the bar itself, the shelves, the chairs & loveseats. A particularly interesting feature in the bar was the waterfall. Instead of water, anti-freeze flows to prevent it from freezing.

From the ice bar, we went to a restaurant close by, called Aria. Aria is a very swanky & cosmopolitan style place. We enjoyed some amazing wine & a multi-course dinner. We rounded off the evening after several hours & headed back to the hotel.

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