Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sydney - Day 2

Our day started with an early phone call from Brian & Rhonda, some of our friends from San Diego. Rhonda & Brian were at the club for sunrise & breakfast was being served. The three of us put it in gear to not miss an enchanting sunrise. The sun across the harbor is nothing short of breathtaking.

After breakfast we sat and enjoyed our coffees & hot chocolates, talked, dreamed & enjoyed the ambiance. We started to notice the vibe of the hotel transforming in front of our eyes. As more and more LLI associates and advisor's begin to check in.

Down in the lobby we were greeted by countless friends within our LLI community. We began our day on foot, heading out on an adventure with no destination. Wandering the streets, we looked up & saw the Sydney tower calling to us like a beacon. Somewhere on the way we found old faithful, Starbucks. It is safe to say the basics are the same no matter your longitude or latitude. It is note able to mention that they come in Venti's down here.

We ended up walking through the Beverly Hills of Sydney. Chanel, Tiffany's, Louis Vutton, Cartier & others lined both sides of the streets as we headed towards the tower.

We took the lift up to the highest man made point in all of Australia. On top we enjoyed an international lunch. We sat, ate, drank, viewed out over Sydney & people watched those all around us. We lost track of time for a few hours. A couple behind us celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with friends & family. It was great to see their love overflowing & the passion they enjoyed with their loved ones.

After lunch, we climbed out of the tower & embarked on foot towards the harbor. We strode past blocks and blocks of historic buildings. We arrived at the gates of the botanical gardens, which size reminds me of NY's Central Park. Walking through the park, we were met with various themes throughout. Our journey led us to the castle I had seen from our hotel. The police officers at the front gate informed us the importance of this massive structure. It is the Government House, which was home to Sydney's Governor until 1997. The grounds are magical. We walked around the beautiful building taking it all in. The building itself left me awestruck.

Walking back to our hotel, we walked past the Consortium of Music, which is directly across the motorway from our place.

Back in the hotel, more Associates have checked in & the transformation of Libertyville AU continues.

Back @ our place, we found fresh flowers, cheeses & a few bottles of Australian wines. It was Happy Hour in our suite. The wine here is delicious. We also were left our itinerary for tomorrow's adventure: we are set to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge & take a 5 hour dinner cruise aboard a yacht.

Wrapping up the evening led us to Happy Hour in the rooftop club & dinner in one of the suites. Looking out over the city watching the twinkle of the lights - Sydney is a good feeling city. We are early to bed, as we transition to the time change.

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