Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 6 - Sydney, Australia

We started our day off with sunrise in the rooftop club... After breakfast, we headed over to the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Center for another jam-packed day of our Summit Conference. The session began with a video of Brent & Julia Payne's experience of staying several days in the outback with members of an Aborigine tribe. To see how these people have been applying the basics of personal development for 10's of thousands of years is mind-blowing. It is tragic to also learn that this culture is dying rapidly, as the offspring have moved to the cities & want nothing to do with there culture.

After the videos we completed an exercise that allows people to learn to "Be" with someone. The exercise is designed to enlighten someone's ability to "Be" with another person. Very eye-opening. It really is indescribable.It is amazing how many people go through life unable or scared to be with another human being. Everybody knew that they would have the opportunity to walk across fire today.

From here, we loaded up several private coaches & headed out of Sydney a couple of hours.

Destination: Tobruk sheep station ranch.

Objective: Crush fear forever.

Method: walk on fire.

If someone can walk across fire, they can do anything!

Upon arrival, we noticed a rancher on horse back riding along side the coach we were on. There were sheep, horses, lamb & dogs all around the ranch.

We piled in tents (reminded me of Cirque du Soleil a bit) & were shortly introduced to Matt Brady, the man who would teach us how to walk across fire. Matt's presentation was amazing! The experience ranks up on the charts as one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Matt brought up some cool points - people become stuck in fear, whether real or not. It is in the fear that we stop ourselves from having experience.

It was really cool to see people confront & deal with fear. The coals were hot... water boils @ 212 degrees. The coals we walked across were 1200-1300 degrees. Leslie & I had a woman in front of us that could not go on her turn. She kept letting people "jump" in front of her. She focused and made her walk right before Leslie & I were to walk. It was beautiful to watch her take action in spite of her fear.

The views from the Tobruk ranch looked out over the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains get there name from the abundant eucalyptus growing there. The oil in the eucalyptus leaves permeate the air & the effect is the blue color. Imagine the Grand Canyon covered in blue plants.

Over 500 people ended up walking across searing coals today, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly! What a life changing experience for all, Leslie & I included. We loaded up the buses & headed back. The ride home was too short.

After getting back to the hotel, we called it an early evening & ensured we were well rested for our adventure the next day!

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