Friday, March 07, 2008

Resources added

Before I get to the resources... I want to let everyone know that I have just booked 3 speaking engagements. I will be co-hosting a workshop, along with Jeffery Combs in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. The dates are set - Saturday, August 9, '08 & November 1, '08. I will post later once the location is secured. I'll probably have this ready by the end of the day today.

I have added a ton of new resources to the blog over the past few weeks. If you are already working a home business or are considering it, you will definitely want to browse the left hand side of our blog.

These are the exact resources I personally utilize to build our business. Be sure to check back, as I am in the process of adding more.

By the way, the system that we created is complete. It has assisted countless people within the Liberty League community. We're very excited to see the results people are creating with the system. Systems work.

Enjoy & build,


By the way, Google is now offering a $50 credit for adwords, when you register for their new Checkout service.

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