Monday, March 24, 2008

We're in Rome & it is beautiful

Hi all,

Leslie & I landed in Italy this morning. 1st off, this trip is super weird without our daughter with us. We miss her & are reminded of that with each adorable little munchkin we see. It is absolutely beautiful here. As we were landing the sun had just come up over this gorgeous part of the world. One thing both Leslie & I commented on from the sky prior to the plane landing is how green everything is (might also have to do with the fact that we have lived in AZ for over 3 years too).

We were meet by our driver Mimmo, he loaded up our luggage & rushed us off to the resort where we will be joined in a week by over 1000 business associates. We checked in with the staff & dropped off our luggage & jumped back into the car to be driven into the center of the city. Mimmo is a sweet old man - We are officially "roughing" it for the next week.(Not sure how rough we expect life to be @ $400/per night?!)

Today, we booked a room right by the center of historic Rome. We are a block from the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Italian Arch & so many historic landmarks. We visited St. Mary's this morning & took in the Colosseum & the Forum prior to coming back to our hotel for a nice 2 hour power nap.

We are looking for a tourist guidebook to public restrooms. If someone published that here in Rome, they would be wealthy & wise.

We are off the explore the city so more, grab some food & map out tomorrow. We're going to be hoping on a train tomorrow & heading to.... We'll let you guys know back home when we get there.


Michael & Leslie

P.S. - We are supporting our business & our team membes while we are here in Europe. Our EU mobile is +44 792 444 6007 - remember that we are 5 hours ahead of EST.
+44 792 444 6007

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